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BBC article Escort in the UK

Daily Star Sunday Article                                 Close
Sunday 26th September 2004
Take 5 magazine

You can literally buy anything on the Internet – including a man for the night! But do male escorts make a perfect date, or are they just for show? Take5’s Amy Bratley Hired one to find out…

If you type “male escort” into a search engine on the web, a mind-boggling number of sites pop up offering erotic massage, mind-blowing sex and kinky fun.
And for those women who don’t fancy the idea of a male prostitute, there are male escort services for the “perfect date.”

Ignoring the sleaziest sites, I visited one which claims to be the only non-sexual escort agency in the UK. With over 500 men to choose from between the ages of 20 and 60, all promising your ideal night out, I was intrigued. they have over 2,000 female members on our books,
they have quite a few divorcees on their books and they hire an escort to get back into dating or because they’re fed up with men who treat them badly.

For £80 an hour it’s not cheap – but the prospect of a perfect date is worth forking out for.

· First Impressions?

Although the agency recommends the escort wears a red dot on his left lapel, I know what Rob will look like from the web site, so there’s no need for secret codes.
He’s waiting outside the bar when I arrive suited and booted. On closer inspection, there’s no denying he’s model material. He’s a looker but seemed reassuringly normal – not what I had expected
· Does he pay?
Hovering at the bar, I did’t know whether to buy a round, or let him do the honors. Rob quickly offered to buy me a drink – he pays for a couple of drinks but usually the clients pay for meals. “I feel awful when a woman pays,” he said. “But that’s the way it works with the agency.”

· Compliments?
The way to any woman’s heart is to give her a compliment.
“You look gorgeous,” Rob said as I took a large slug of vodka to gain some Dutch courage.
“I bet you say that to all the girls,” I laughed, cringing at my cheesy line.
He just smiled and started chatting about my day. He seemed so at ease – and I relaxed when he said he had only been an escort for four months.

· History?
I can’t help wondering why he got into the game in the first place. Was cash the reason?
“My friends keep asking me to pretend to be there boyfriend at weddings,” he said. “So I thought, why not make some money from it?”
Single for the last two years, there was no girlfriend to stop him. “I also love meeting women,” he says. “There’s something beautiful about everyone, so I think o could fall in love with them all in some way.”

· Brains?
A graduate who has set up his own engineering business – Rob’s got brains and brawn.
“Escorting helps me raise extra cash,” he explained. “And I learn more about life from it.”

· Tact?
I am client number 21 – the youngest he’s seen. Of the women he takes out most are in there 30s and 40s. Does he think they are desperate?
“Not at all,” he says. “Most lack confidence because they’ve been treated badly by men. I hope I restore their faith a little. I try my hardest to do that by being positive and interested in their lives.”

· Extras?
The question I’m dying to ask – does he do ‘extras’ if the price is right? “No, I don’t!” he smiles. “There are agencies that provide sex, we don’t.”
Hmm. Not even for a wad of cash? “No,” he says again. “I do sometimes fancy the client and vice versa, but that just helps the evening go well.”

· Verdict?
As my evening clocks up into hundreds of pounds in fees, I begin to understand why women hire guys – there’s no relationship hassle involved and you are in control.
Rob is the perfect escort for any woman – he’s almost too good to be true…

Sun news paper articl escorts
SHE Magazine November 2004                 Close
She Mag Escort Article

Perfect man for hire
The Male Escort business is booming, but what makes a woman pay for a stranger’s company?


Here’s a modern dilemma for women – you’re invited to a work function or wedding and the invite is “plus one,” but you’re not in a relationship. So who do you take? Welcome to the world of male escorting, where a not-so-small fee will buy a night with your fantasy man.

It used to be taboo, but increasing numbers of women are taking the plunge. “Women are more open about their needs these days,” explains Cary Cooper, professor of organizational psychology at Lancaster University. “ They work, they have more disposable income and they want access to the same services as men. And, of course, a lot of professional women don’t have time for relationships and are just looking for a companion for the evening.”

“My Friends Didn't’t Guess”

Could an escort convince your friends that he’s the new man in your life? We sent undercover reporter Asian Rees to find out?

“Good looks arena’t a prerequisite then,” smirks a work colleague. Three of us are hunched over the computer screen clicking through the pictures on C Knights’ male escort web site to find my “date.” I pick Sean. He looks cute and the few words that accompany his picture don’t make me cringe. Some of his co-escorts look as if they modeled their write up on Villa Blacks Blind Date Format.

Within a matter of minutes I have booked Sean online, opting for the three-hour minimum. The fee is £65 an hour. A day later, someone from the agency calls to pass on Sean’s mobile number, nut I’am beginning to feel anxious. I thought I would feel mischievous and excited but I feel like a loser – and I know I’am only hiring an escort for an assignment. I wonder how women feel when they do this for real.

First-Date Anxiety

I call Sean a few days before the date and we agree that on the day we’All meet up in London’s Sloan Square before joining my friends for a birthday dinner. He asks me what he would wear. I realize that despite a lifetime of thinking otherwise, I’am not very liberated after all. I don’t want a man to ask me what he should wear. I want him to tell me where to meet him and pick the time. But despite that, I’am feeling a little less worried. Sean sounds incredibly, well, normal. And his accent has a hint of Ewan McGregor. Delicious. Maybe this won’t be too bad after all

D-Day. The taxi is due in minutes. The bed is piled high with clothes but I am still in my underwear. I am sweating and stressed. I imagine my girlfriends calmly dressing with reassured comments from their partners. I try to convince myself that as I am paying him, what he thinks does’t matter. But I’m not buying it. I’ve endured several blind dates, but this feels worse. Before I blind date, your friends always assure you that you’All have fun even if you arena’t physically attracted. But I’ve chosen Sean purely on looks and have no idea of his personality. As my idea of an escort is Richard Gere in American Gigolo. I am picturing a perma-tanned smoothie with confidence bordering on arrogance.

Social Success

I calm down once we meet. Sean is good-looking but not catwalk stunning and very easy-going. I recognize him instantly and he pecks me on the cheek. Walking along we talk tactics. The agency will invoice me for his time later, but we agree that he will pay for dinner then I will refund him. He suggests we keep our story simple, so we agree we met two weeks earlier, in a bar. I give him a brief rundown about me and discover Sean works in IT and lives in East Dulwich.

Introductions at the restaurant are a little awkward and the conversation is slighted stilted. When the waiter gives the cocktail menu to Sean, he insists I choose first. There’s a silent consensus of approval and conversation buzzes again. I chat with my friend’s husband but keep an eye on Sean. He talks easily with a banker and a friend studying fine wine. I begin to relax. It feels easier than introducing a real new man to my mates

During dinner he is sandwiched between myself and the gorgeous Adrienne. Her wedding ring is off her ample cleavage is displayed and she’s flirting outrageously. Sean manages to pull off the perfect mix of friendly flirting while refusing to forget about me. At one point Adrienne claims that she has met him years before, adding: “but your hair was different.” He quips back, “Oh and you were a man,” then winks at me. The man is worth his fee.

When his soup arrives and he is surprised and confused to find it’s cold, I could kiss him. Forget American Gigolo, I’m now thinking Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts’ character can’t cope with the snails.

As more wine is drunk, Sean becomes slightly tactile but not lecherous, and the date ends on a pleasant – but purely platonic – note. It turns out I was his first “client.” He comes highly recommended. Not one of my friends guessed!


sunsun2Tuesday May 3 2005                    Close
My date with a legal male escort
By Caroline palmer

They say money can't buy you love – but thanks to the male escort agencies if you have the cash at least you can buy a man. Just don’t expect him to come home with you at the end of the evening - these escorts aren’t selling sex. They’re flogging their company rather than their bodies.
Typing male escort into a search engine on the Internet, I’m convinced I’All be faced with all kinds of dodgy sites. But to my surprise Perfect Escorts UK “non-sexual” male escort agency is one of the first to pop up on my screen. Once I’ve logged in, I have access to hundreds of men for hire in all shape and sizes and all around the UK. Rob, 29, has a friendly smile and his profile fits the bill, so I contact the agency and arrange to meet him for dinner in a few days. I’m amazed to find myself worrying about what to wear.
I might be paying for his time but I still don’t want him to think I look like a dog’s dinner. When we meet outside the restaurant Rob compliments me on my coat. I might be a mug but his comment breaks the ice.
He has been working as an escort for a year on top of his day job as a consultant engineer. He charges £65 an hour with a three-hour minimum and averages two assignments a week. More than 50% of his clients, who include teachers and even a policewoman, are regulars. During the last year he has escorted women to everything from work functions to evenings at the theatre and even the Chelsea flower show.
By the end of the evening I’m beginning to see the advantages. There have been no awkward pauses in conversation and none of that tension that goes with trying to impress a genuine date. When it comes to paying the bill, however the pitfalls of hiring a date hit me. But if you haven’t found Mr right and have the Cash to splash, I can recommend Mr right now as an emergency stop-cap

She Magazine on Ecorting
Daily Star
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